Welcome to the Big Apple!


Welcome to the Big Apple! It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled with you. Sorry! I am now in New York City for the summer & ready to take on all the fun & exciting things that this city has for me. Here’s a view from the top of my apartment building. WELCOME!


Viva Las Vegas!



Vegas Sign

I will be going to Vegas in 5 days! The last time I visited Vegas was in March of 2008, I was 16 years old and it was a family trip for my brother’s wedding. At that age I was not able to fully indulge in the Vegas experience and  I will be taking this current trip along with my mother and step dad….cant ya just imagine the party life I’m going to be living. HA. I wish that I could take this a trip with friends but until that happens I’m going to hit the strip solo and discover some of what Vegas has to offer for a 22 year old gal like me! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on traveling to Vegas solo!  Also, I’d like to know if any one has any suggested things for me to do in Vegas or some recommended place to go. Please share!

Ps. I will certainly be spending some time with the folks …FREE MEALS

Dining Experiences in Paris and London…




I am an extraordinary lover of food and I was very eager to try different foods when I arrived in Europe. If you have never tried a Crepe from Paris, I recommend you stopping by the Creperie Suzette. I chose the Barbette, a Galette filled with potatoes, bacon, and cheese, topped with sour cream and basil. So delicious! To satisfy my sweet tooth I chose a warm caramel Crepe topped with whipped cream for dessert. Yum! Needless to say, I paired it with a glass of smooth rose’ French wine.



During my first night in London, I indulged in a traditional British dish, Fish and chips! The restaurant where in my opinion, fried freshest Cod to perfection, was a spot called Poppie’s Fish and Chips located in Spitalfields. It was paired with steak sized French fries which, to my surprise is the standard size french fry in London. Dinner at Poppie’s was a success due to the fact that it took my fellow classmates and I about an hour to get up from our seat! It was VERY fulfilling.

The dining experiences at restaurants were very different in Europe than in America. The waiters and waitresses are a bit more leisurely in taking your order and they do not split checks. I expected for the portions to be smaller than they were but to my surprise they were fairly sized and similar to American portions, or at least they were for the dishes that I ordered. That leads me to my next point of the no doggy bag rule; I wanted to bring food back with me to the hotel! DO NOT ask for a box for your leftovers, this is looked down upon, with the exception of a few places.



Just a few goodies I picked up from Carrefour, a corner store sized grocery store near my hotel in Paris, which happened to have very decent priced wine.

I wanted to be a Parisian for the night 🙂  

Thanks for reading….or as the French say Merci!




Receiving My Passport!


1st blog post

“Travel makes one modest. You see what tiny space you occupy in the world” 

– Gustave Flaubert

Indeed! I received my first passport in January 2014! I purchased it in hopes of joining a few classmates on a study abroad trip to Paris, France and London, England. After months of saving and even sending out donation letters to family, friends, and former employers I was able to afford to go! Ever since I landed back on US soil my wanderlust has been itching to fulfill and I am eager to travel as much as I can! Though it may be a while before I am able to get my passport stamped again, I hold it with confidence that someday soon I will somewhere across the world and blogging every amazing experience that I encounter. WELCOME TO MY BLOG! 🙂